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The United Nations must revert to peace enforcement


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May 8, 2009
In the early decades of the United Nations, the organisation played a pro-active role in enforcing peace, intervening in Korea to prevent the South's conquest by Pyongyang, while the ongoing TG4 series details how, in spite of fierce opposition, a measure of stability and order was eventually secured through the Sixties operation in the Congo. Since that period, however, the focus has largely shifted to "peacekeeping", and while Irish forces performed to the best of their capabilities in Lebanon, the inadequacy of the approach is best shown by the failures of the Rwandan and Bosnian missions. Can this be attributed to the influence of newly decolonised countries viewing the previous model as political interference and can the UN rediscover its effectiveness by developing a more robust peace enforcement focus?


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Sep 6, 2012

The UN then was a tight body of large military powers who won the war.

The UN now is a poltiical bureaucratic monalith driven by multifarious national ambitions which are traded off among one another and an over representation of despotic and corrupt regimes.

To do what you suggest would require countries like Ireland to be subortdinated completey and power handed back up to a slimmed down security council comprising of the major military powers and dominated by the US.

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