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Two college students, dead, by using a makeshift brazier, in Greece.

root for solidarity

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Jan 14, 2012
...and of the rest of their roommates two are in critical condition and one is now out of danger.

It happened yesterday in the city of Larissa, Thessaly. Yesterday afternoon a friend visiting the students was getting no response after continuously ringing at their door. Eventually the landlady opened the door, and they found two of the students dead and the other three unconscious. The five roommates where using a makeshift brazier made out of a cut up water boiler (heater) in order to keep themselves warm...

Νεκροί από μαγκάλι στη Λάρισα | Eλλάδα | Ελευθεροτυπία
Λάρισα: Τραγωδία με σπουδαστές που προσπάθησαν να ζεσταθούν με μαγκάλι | 902.gr
Τραγωδία από μαγκάλι στη Λάρισα | Larissanet.gr - H Hλεκτρονική Εφημερίδα της Λάρισας
Íåêñïß áðü ìáãêÜëé óôç ËÜñéóá | åëëÜäá | MEGA TV: MEGA ÃÅÃÏÍÏÔÁ
All in Greek. You have to do the google translate thing.

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