UK General Election 12 Dec 2019


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Feb 16, 2013
Nigel Farage's party is accused 'by it's backers' of being 'too popular'. Seems, it's a brusque discard for Mr Farage.


Feb 27, 2010
A YouGov Poll

Leave Voters who voted Conservative in 2017

Will vote Con: 67%
Will vote BrexP: 17%
Don't Know: 9%

Leave Voters who voted Labour in 2017

Will vote Lab: 29%
Will vote BrexP: 17%
Don't Know: 21%

Remain Voters who voted Conservative in 2017

Will vote Con: 47%
Will vote LibDem: 24%
Don't Know: 17%

Remain Voters who voted Labour in 2017

Will vote Lab: 48%
Will vote LibDem: 22%
Don't Know: 15%

(The balance goes to Others)

Despite Brexit, there is still a persistence of party loyalty among many Leavers and Remainers. Will Corbyn's vague position help Labour that slight bit more with voter retention?

The Remain position seems to be affecting both parties equally, though the absolute numbers damage Labour more. Retaining 67% of its Leave voters and almost half of its Remain voters is good for the Tories.

There are still a lot of Labour Leave voters wavering (21%), and it is not a done deal that the Brexit Party will pick them up. Farage offering to prop up the Tories will not help his cause there.


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Jul 1, 2013
Labour being hit hard for Anti-semitism.
Israel is now above criticism. There was no outcry from the usual seriously outraged when dog-whistle anti-semitism was directed at Ed Miliband's by Murdoch's 'Sun'. Zionists felt Ed was guilty of betrayal for not supporting an attack against the Damascus government. This really was one of the most pivotal moments in geopolitics in the last 2 decades. A neocon takover in Paris meant Hollande was already lined up and Obama was going to sanction 'war' against Syria despite his reservations until Ed Miliband's principled stance. So Zionists knew the context of why the Western Imperialist elite wanted Miliband taken out. But it still must have been very disconcerting for Jew's that the Establishment would blatantly fall upon the most explicit anti-semistic hate to maintain their total hegemony. Was Murdoch indirectly telling Jews that yes our interests currently allign but if neoliberalism/western imperialism is under any threat then what differntiates youse from the Anglo/Calvinist cultural norm is fair game? As an aside, long term can Jew's really trust these supremacists.

Labour in England and some the Left in Ireland however do need to examine how they have alienated many Jews, white working class and liberals etc. Hamas/MB are problematical and require quite a bit of circumspection. I view them Islamic supremacists no different to Likud exceptionalists. Calling out the abuses of the Israeli governments doesnt require getting into bed with other extremists. Elsewhere, the pictures from the past of the seating arrangemnet of Labour meetings in strongly Muslim areas divided by sex was inexcusable and these mindsets shouldn't be welcome in any Western leftist party. The same msyogenistic and supremacist mindset encouraged quite a large number of Muslim men in a number of towns in England to regard young white girls as disposable commodities from a degenerate culture. Seriously what liberal parent would be comfortable with their daughter being with a boyfiend who regards emancipated western girls as dirt. Yet many secular Moslems in the West are saying Islamists in some majority Muslim enclaves are taking control of the respective local political machines of supposedly secular/progressive parties. Immigration regardsless of culture (controled but not excessively) is a global human right in an innerconnected globe but respect/multiculituralism must be reciprocal.

Regardless of the result Post this election The British Labour party will not fall back into Blairite/neocon/neoliberal control but a debate is required about some of the own goal approaches that have cost support.
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