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US Israel-Palestine policy


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Dec 5, 2009
Barghouti speaks for himself. Just as there are different strains of Socialism and Conservatism, there are different strains of BDS.
Evidence? Link? Please?

(Btw we're not talking about idiots just going along mindlessly, unthinking, with the movement, putting their weight behind it, without properly understanding what it actually is that they're supporting. Or in any case purporting to have a different understanding of what it is they are supporting.)


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Dec 14, 2011
I support Boycotting, Divesting from and Sanctions against Israel until there is a peace deal with the Palestinians. Then I will gladly treat them as a normal country.

I can't and won't support Administrative Detention, which is another form of internment, but crueller since it includes small children. I won't support parallel justice systems, with Arabs subject to military courts (that turn a blind eye to police and army brutality) and Jews having access to Israeli civilian courts. I won't support the current de facto ban on Arab construction in East Jerusalem. To support this would be to support Apartheid.

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