USA announces a 6th wing to the force


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Jul 28, 2010
I heard Marian McKeown? commenting from the U.S. today. I always consider her to be a typical liberal commentator but she also remembers her day job and is pretty good at reporting events as they happened rather than the way she wished they had happened - in other words, she's an old fashioned reporter. She made the point that when Reagan proposed Star Wars, it was taken seriously and pros and cons debated. Trump proposing a dedicated space defence force is treated as a joke, despite the proposal being no sillier.
Reagan's Star Wars was also treated as a joke as far as I recall. Both in politics and the wider media.


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Nov 17, 2012
Reagan's Star Wars was also treated as a joke as far as I recall. Both in politics and the wider media.
It was overambitious and the technology was not even invented to implement it

- but it sure spooked the Reds!:shock:

It played a part in the self doubt that crept into the Soviets that their economic model was fit for purpose to create enough wealth to fund such a huge undertaking themselves.....:confused:

'Space Command' is not a new idea

- and is certainly not something that just popped out of the President's head.

I suppose the key factor against it is whether it will be more cost effective to let the USAF handle it or go for a completely separate command structure

- that does basically the same thing....


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Sep 21, 2014
Compare and contrast the following segments from TV broadcasting for quality and approach.

The standards of public square and high culture have declined precipitously in the past number of decades. We're fortunate that the democratisation of media by the internet has given us the opportunity to retain a conviction in human genius, blemishes and all.​

I was watching a video about Bob Lazar, because X Files were a buzz back in the day, and there was something particular that I noted. The story goes that Bob was out using secret inside knowledge to get some kicks in with his wife and neighbour watching super secret test flights.​

They began conjecturing on raiding the base and stealing the thing the third occasion they were out (they had brought a camper van and beer this time). All the while a bunch of perimeter guards were 10 feet away from them in the desert, concealed by pitch darkness, listening in.​

Now Bob was detained for questioning and the authorities were in a quandary. They had this enormously secret project under way and they had this guy crashing their thing.​

The point is the American authorities of the time let him go - that would never have happened in the USSR or China or, perhaps, some of the European countries.​

Whatever about the substance of the reason why he was in this predicament, it's important to remember that the Americans behave differently to other powers and at least their first instincts are good.​

That's why their behaviour during the WoT was so perplexing - not that it was unusual in the course of human affairs but that they had lost their way. The quality of their character had deteriorated to a point where the easy route of brutality, lying and cheating was chosen for its short term reward without a concept of the profound damage it would cause over the medium to longer term.​

It's the same way with this enormous struggle session they seem to be going through at the moment - it's undermining the objective of the progressive realisation of the founding principles of the constitutional project with a sugar high of social hegemony for a transient period of time.​

The United States excel at the impossibly ambitious achieved with good grace. They seem to be getting back to that at least in some part. Let's hope they continue it. And if they can help keep back the curtains of tyranny that periodically threaten to sweep through while they're at it then all the better that they're there and that all the better that they're in it with us.​

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