Vile Robert Mugabe dead.

yosef shompeter

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Dec 4, 2011
To be fair Africa has improved in nearly ever respect in the last 10 to 30 years. A lot less wars, a lot less coups, more peaceful elections and less famines. Most African states boost very good growth rates. It is just coming from an extremely low base and the first few decades after independence for most states were a nightmare.

Europe also produced enough of these guys in the past too. As bad as Mugabe was he still wasn't on the level of Hitler or Stalin.
Hurts to have to say it or admit it. Ireland's economy back in the 1920's was a fairly primitive affair too. FF and FG did some awful things to one another during the civil war and it takes a lot to break the cycle of violence.
Dev probably did his best, but just wasn't up to it. At one point during the 50's the govt circles were considering asking the Brits if we could join up to the Empire again. Emigration was up to 80 or 90 thousand per annum. At one point in the 1960's the population fell below the 3 million mark.
A young TK Whitaker came along and saved the day.
Africa doesn't seem to have the emigration safety-valves that Ireland had; UK, US, Canada, Australia. They don't seem to have the industrial base.
And they go in for big....big... families. Where are all these young people going to find jobs... not even jobs... where are they going to find dole?
Europe I guess :(

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