We Must Not Become A United States Of Europe - French PM Demands

Oct 8, 2011
Having full control of their own affairs once again will over time prove of immense benefit to them

But there will be a period of re adjustment to get to that stage

- at least they had the sense to hang to their own currency!

Brown's legacy to the UK - and a significant one too.


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Sep 6, 2012
Unfortunately the UK government is now also acting like kids in a candy store thinking that they they can do what the feck they like now that Brussels is out of the way. That's the trouble with the right, no sense sense of responsibility to anybody or anything but themselves.

Typical left, insisting everyone show "solidarity" even beyond the point at which the overt stupity of the chosen course is obvious to all.

Britons just said "keep heading that way if you wish, we would rather not".

And yours is the classic Monty Python response: "splitters!"

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