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Jan 3, 2011
The relatively recent series from Audible covering the infamous murder of Sophie Tuscan Du Plantier in West Cork is absolutely brilliant.

The series produced by Jennifer Forde and Sam Bungey includes interviews from Sophie's family, key witnesses, Gardaí and the chief suspect.

The below article gives a better introduction to would be listeners and also contains a link to where to listen to it:

The series is neutral and chronological and crucially allows the listener to have the tools to make a more informed reasoning as to what happened in 1996.

Highly Recommended.

Please discuss the series here if you have or will listen to it.


Jul 5, 2008
Yes I listened to this a few weeks ago. Very well done, I hope the couple do more.

The interviews with Bailey and other witnesses were very interesting, I still think the chief witness Marie Farrell and her refusal to name the person who was in the car with her when the alledged sighting of Bailey occured is the missing link.

On conclusion, when I first started listening to the podcast, I had already thought Bailey was the guilty party, but after I now think that he was an oddball, a media hoor per say with a personality disorder.

I think the travel agents in Galway and the failure to follow up on the foreigner who wanted a quick flight to France the day after the murder needed closer scrutiny.

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