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Wexford Local Elections in 2019


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Jun 22, 2012
34 seats at stake, 4 outgoing district and 6 incoming districts. The redraw has certainly meant pain for some on the house on the hill in Carricklawn, Wexford.

Gorey district reduced to 6 seats from 8

Malcolm Byrne has already indicated that if selected for Europe he won't be a candidate next time round. Who will FF run and who will benefit? Malcolm has a strong vote in Gorey town where he is the only councillor with a population of about 11,000. He'd have been a shoe in next June.
Will his departure to Brussels give FG the chance to hold its seats in Gorey? Malcolm brought in 2 running mates last time round but got little thanks for that work from FF. Can they Joe O'Sullivan play the Malcolm role this time round? Don't think so, One FF seat gone here and likely the second one also. Hegarty and O'Donoghue to retain seats unless D'arcy shafts one of them which is in his nature.
SF should hold on with their sitting councillor Fiontáin Ó Sullebháin. Robbie Ireton for Labour has lost some of his area into Kilmuckridge but should be back. He works extremely hard in Courtown.

Kilmuckridge Municipal District.
Honestly someone was having a laugh when they drew this one together. Is this where we've arrived where a one street village is now a municipal district? Historically this part of Wexford was called the skin em and eat em's. It was in the middle ages that ships were deliberately lamped at night and wrecked by the locals who plundered their cargo. Kilmuckridge may yet attract in candidates who will find themselves beached when the votes are counted.
Oliver Walsh FG, Mary Farrell Ind, Pip Breen FF and possibly Willie Kavanagh FF from the southern end of the Municipality of Oylegate are tipped to take a seat. Mary Farrell is of FF stock but will FF and their gene pool take 3 of the 4 seats here? There may be a surprise here with a well placed FG candidate picking up a seat leaving Farrell and Kavanagh to fight it out for the last seat. My money would be on Slick Willie.

Enniscorthy had 8 seats and now down to 6.
With Walsh and Kavanagh migrating to the Macamores, That leaves 6 outgoing councillors for 6 seats, keith Doyle FF, Barbara Anne Murphy FF, Kathleen Codd Nolan FG, Paddy Kavanagh FG, Johnny Mythen SF and John O'Rourke Ind. That's 2 FF and another of the gene pool independents. Renua's candidate in Wexford is Enniscorthy based and may well benefit from Paddy Kavanagh preferences, that if he has any. Paddy is strong on ethnic diversity and Enniscorthy knows where it stands with him! Barbara Anne has Bunclody all to herself and will have learnt from her wilderness period. Mythen needs a running mate and one from a rural area would give a good balance with the liklihood of a gain at the expense of John O'Rourke.Any likelihood of Jackser Owens running again will spell trouble for O'Rourke who may be in trouble at the ballot box.

New Ross was 8 seats and is now 6.
With just 2 councillors living in the town New Ross district has already seen one retirement and another councillor pondering where to run. Oisin O'Connell has already stood down leaving the hapless Maria Nolan holding the baby for his poor work rate in the last 4 years. Few give Nolan a chance. Expect her to lose republican votes to John Dwyer who ran in the last General Election with the aim of depriving SF of a Dáil seat. He'll run in 2019 in the hope of doing the same in the county council to SF. Nolan will also lose progressive votes to Bridin Lyng of Labour who is hard working on the Michael D relection campaign as well as the Repeal Referendum. She is gutsy and may well damage a few candidates first preference vote. If she gets traction she may well hang in long enough to surprise. Why? Because few of the remaining councillors backed repeal or are in any way left wing. There is a left wing seat in Ross.
Willie Fitzharris sees a lot of support go to the newly created Kilmore Municipal District and he may well move to run there. That leaves 6 outgoing councillors, Sheehan FF, Martin Murphy, Anthony Connick both Gene Pool FF along with John Fleming FF in Clonroche. There aren't enough votes to elect 4 FF or semi FF members. Who may go out? Perhaps a retirement here may solve the mathematical problem here. Larry O'Brien shares Campile with Martin Murphy. There was a lot of sympathy for Martin over his treatment by FF last time round. The most experienced FF councillor in the council was deselected.
Pressure may have eased with O'Connell standing down but maybe not enough. Of all the districts, New Ross is hardest to call.

Kilmore newly created with 5 seats.

Arise Kilmore and take your place among the world's great municipalities. Kilmore is not even the biggest village in Kilmore district. Rosslare Harbour and Strand each have a bigger population while Taghmon is now added. Taghmon used to have its own mayoralty until 1840. Following an outbreak of Typhoid during the famine it's now back front and centre with the likelihood of the late Pat Codd's son, Paul running for FG. Frank Staples continues to be unwell and FG will have to think about their ticket until the very last. Jim Moore is unchallenged in Kilmore Quay and will hold. There is also the suggestion that Willie Fitzharris will follow his voters in the newly redrawn boundaries into Kilmore. That would make for a fascinating ticket with the ineitable tensions between 4 FG candidates looking for at best 2 seats.
Ger Carthy independent FF will also hold comfortably as will Mick Roche SF who surprised many last time out. The FF seat will be interesting as it sees a battle between Brian Wallace at Wellingotn Bridge with Lisa McDonald. McDonald may have hoped for a General Election and at least the chance of a return to the Seanad before she knocks the doors of her neighbours looking for support. Wallace will give her a hard battle. Given that McDonald hasn't knocked a door looking for a vote for herself in 12 years, her absence may tell against her.

3 certainties and after that it could be down to any 2 others on the FF FG side.

Wexford Borough newly created from a former district of 10 which will have 7 members
Wexford district is losing a large area in the south of the county where the majority of councillors live. This means the town will see a number of newly elected first time councillors.
Once had 12 councillors in its borough, now there are just a handful of councillors living here. George Lawlor Labour and Davy Hynes Independant have name recognition and should be re-elected comfortably. Lawlor is Howlin's presence on the ground. Anthony Kelly of SF retired due to poor health and was replaced by Thomas Forde. Forde is young but not quite making the impact that would have been expected. He struggles for name recognition in the town but will be re-elected as SF are for the first time not running a second candidate. Tony Walsh replaced Deirdre Wadding for PBP/SP/SWP/AAA. Few people connect with them and he has a lot of work to do to hold the seat. He isn't a trot and his issues of mental health are also issues that Davy Hynes takes up. Add to that the liklihood of Leonard Kelly, ex Soc Dem running who is a mental health advocate. There's a lot of people fishing from the same pond.
FG will win a seat but it will be interesting to see who and how many they run. Angela Roche Reville is dipping her toe in the water on behalf of Michael D'arcy's wing of FG. Doubtless Paul Kehoe will seek a running mate to queer the pitch for her.
Elsewhere, Tony Dempsey is retiring and he is supporting Gary Laffan for FF. Name familiar? He's a former all Ireland medal winner in 1996. Not too much else of note there either. Did I mention he has won an All Ireland? OK you get the gist there! Dempsey is a considered guy but Gary has won an All Ireland medal. The remaining slot on the ticket is with Colin Murphy. However there is blood already on the carpet. Emmet Moloney resigned from FF ahead of the convention to run as an independent hoping to add to the gene pool. He may well lose but his votes may be enough to damage the chance of FF getting a second seat.
Elsewhere Labour has picked Joe Ryan and Maura Bell to run alongside George Lawlor in the hope of taking 3 seats. With the lack of credible candidates in the district, Wexford may have as few as 10 candidates for 7 seats and if Labour hang in on long enough, 2 is likely and possibly 3.

That's my analysis of the runners and riders at this stage. No news yet on Soc Dems, Greens or other associated trots. Doubtless names will emerge as events dear boy conspire to wield the knife to all mentioend above!
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Dec 14, 2011
Watching closely for what happens to the Green vote. Some were surprised they won a seat in Wexford in 2014.


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Jun 22, 2012
Latest update is of councillors standing down. Larry O'Brien FG retires after 28 years. Larry was the man who saved a number of lives during the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster at Zeebruge. He's touching 70 and has done his bit. This should ease the pressure on Martin Murphy (independent FF) in Campile.

FG's Paddy Kavanagh in Enniscorthy is believed to be considering his options given the redraw. Often the suggestion fo considering your options is a euphemism for looking for the sympathy vote, save my seat campaign. Paddy is well known for his strong opinions on travellers rights, another euphemism for a man who thinks that a tinker is a tinker.

Someone else in FG who is weighing up his anchor in Gorey is John Hegarty FG. After 10 years his facebook post suggests that his problem is his party in Gorey. However what is interesting is the continued reference to not seeking to be re-elected in Gorey District. Is there the suggestion that he may be selected in another ward for FG in time for June?

Note my forecast above as to how D'arcy was likely to shaft one of his councillors in Gorey?


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Apr 14, 2019
Not sure about the whole County but the Wexford district is around 14 candidates now with FF - Garry Laffin, Colin Murphy, FG - Cllr. John Hegarty, Angela Reville, Ger Walsh. Labour - Cllr. George Lawlor, Joe Ryan, Maura Bell. Sinn Fein - Cllr. Thomas Forde. PBP - Cllr. Tony Walsh. Aontú - Elaine Cole Indp - Cllr. Davy Hynes and Indp. - Leonard Kelly.

Emmet Moloney is out due to health issues. Thomas Harpur of the Greens might be running but no one knows for sure yet and Aontú also have another candidate running in the Rosslare district.


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Jul 3, 2017
I'm surprised Ger Walsh is running for FG. Maybe he's canny enough to know he has no chance with Renua, but he certainly preaches their horrible anti-women rhetoric.

Wexford women will be reminded of what this gowl thinks of us. Meanwhile, In Wexford

"a woman might be due to go on an exclusive foreign holiday but an unexpected pregnancy could interfere with her plan and how she might look on the beach. Or there could be an unexpected pregnancy in the run up to a family wedding, ruining the chances of fitting into a very expensive dress."

Lumpy Talbot

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Jun 30, 2015
What a prehistoric gobshyte.... I think the female vote in Wexford were probably due a reminder on this fellow!