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what date is the budget again?


Oct 18, 2009
7th December

unles of course the dail is disolved on the basis of the budget failing to pass and would insigate a GE and the budget would b delayed however the two other parties dont want this one tu be of their making


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May 22, 2004
I believe it is the 7th of December.

P.S. Incidentally, this is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. :eek:
To paraphrase Frankie Boyle, and to think of the later days of that war, for a FF TD to vote for this Budget is like being handed a pair of flying goggles by Emperor Hirohito.

Here are some other parallels...

1941 - Pearl Harbour (Tora! Tora! Tora! Aren't we great!)
1942 - Midway (Uh oh; things have turned; this next gamble had better work)
1945 - Hiroshima, Nagasaki (abject surrender)

2007 - FF election victory
2008 - Bank guarantee
2011 - Budget impact, return to the bond markets
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Sep 13, 2008
7th Dec...auspicious day alright!!!!

[ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/December_7"]December 7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
521 – Saint Columba, Irish Christian missionary to Scotland (d. 597)
1928 – Noam Chomsky, American linguist and political writer(birth)
43 BC – Marcus Tullius Cicero is assassinated.
1917 – World War I: The United States declares war on Austria-Hungary
1941 – World War II: Attack on Pearl Harbor – The Imperial Japanese Navy attacks the US Pacific Fleet and its defending Army Air Forces and Marine air forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
1982 – In Texas, Charles Brooks, Jr. becomes the first person to be executed by lethal injection in the United States.


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Feb 23, 2009
so 6 weeks then!

How many of these ************************************************ PR stunt cabinet meetings will we have to endure between now and then?!!

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