What percentage of 25-45 year olds are maxed out on mortgages ?


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Jan 18, 2006
I saw the Central Bank again noting
weakness in consumer demand reflects the weak trend in disposable incomes.

Well 25-45 year olds should be responsible for a huge chunk of discretionary spending. However we well know that loads of those loonies maxed out for the highest mortgages. WIth overtime, automatic salarly raises & bonuses vanishing: these people are trapped.

I suspect that this will be a 15-15 year dampener on our recovery - is there any data source / survey to show how bad the situation might be ?



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Oct 2, 2010
We have had the developers go burst

We have had the developers go burst, or some of their companies at least.

Now wait for Government spending to be cut by circa 15 Billion pa. The next waves are the Buy to regret brigade who won't be able to meet their mortgage payments.

After that will be the buy to live brigade.

The Banks will probably see additional losses of 100 billion related to a failure to service mortgages.

Add that to the near 100 billion national debt and the 100 billion hole that is NAMA and the bank recapitalisation's.

There are people in their fifties that dived into the buy to regret and commercial scene. It is behind these people that the government is standing.

We must ask the question how much is too much of a burden for the people to bear to bail out the banks.

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