Where are the Governments 135,000 new jobs?

Disillusioned democrat

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Mar 16, 2010
That's a remarkable claim. I can only6 assume that in order to make it, you did a detailed study of the jobs those 125,000 migrants are doing, and how the match the locations and skills profiles, and indeed the employability, of those Irish who are unemployed?
In the post above, which you liked, by the way, one smarter than I put the cost of this down at about €1bn...not trivial to be honest.

hiding behind a poster

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Mar 8, 2005
The next time you're in Spar, Starbucks or Centra keep your eyes open and see the kind of rocket science the migrant workers on student visas and such like are doing....then wonder why one of the 140k unemployed isn't doing it instead.
Because they didn't apply? Because they had poor references? Little or no employment history as a result of turning down job activation schemes, training courses, etc? Personal responsibility has to come into it at some point. You also forget that some people are, through no fault of their own, unemployable, due to various physical and mental conditions.

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