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Oct 16, 2012
Let's forget about the rights and wrongs of a 3-sided conflict. However it is finished, the whole country will need to be rebuilt. Never mind the mental scars. Let's imagine we've got beyond all that. Russia, who has supplied the bombs that have done most of the flattening, will chip in €1 Bn of the €200-Bn costs. That's big of them.

No rebuild means the refugees will want to stay wherever they are.

Most won't want to go "home" and become slaves under a regime that can live with a cost of 200,000 deaths to stay on its little perch.

The USA has shillied and shallied because of the Iraq disaster. A hard won ceasefire has been negated by the US immediately bombing Syrian soldiers (dohhhh). Iraq is not yet rebuilt. Syrian refugees and rebuild costs will fall to us liberal Europeans to sort out.

Or is it better to leave Assad ruling over a desert?

Who will fund the dream of rebuilding Syria back to its former glory? | The Independent


Russia to invest $960 million in rebuilding Syria | Russia Beyond The Headlines


Jul 5, 2008
Syria will manage to rebuild herself - once she has exterminated all the NATO backed terrorist gangs. Russia and China will help with the work, as they are helping now. The so called "refugees" who have come to Europe will not want to return, as they are mostly terrorist supporters. They will carry on their Jihad here in Europe.


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Sep 16, 2009
Being a pessimist, I believe this war could drag on for many years to come. If peace arrives sometime soon, Syria can be rebuilt. The longer it goes on, well...

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