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Jul 10, 2008
An Taisce says unused signage poles 'cluttering' city
More than 100 bare and redundant poles are littering the streets of Dublin city centre, according to a new audit carried out by national heritage organisation An Taisce.

An Taisce has asked Dublin City Council to remove those poles that no longer carry signage and are leading to a “degradation of the visual character and attractiveness of the city”.
An Taisce says unused signage poles 'cluttering' city - The Irish Times - Sat, Oct 02, 2010

It's not only redundant signposts that clutter Dublin pavements. We have a plethora of obstacles like pub terrasses forcing pedestrians to walk on roads, advertising boards on pavements, bollards, wide bins, JC Decaux advertising installations, cars on pavements, bikes locked to signposts. Dublin can be a hazardous experience for pedestrians - Dame Street is a particularly egregious example. Why doesn't the Council take firm action on these obstructions? Not to mention poor street alignments which give unneeded space to cars - e.g. where lanes, not paths!, widen just because the street is wider. Again Dame Street is a classic example, especially down at the Olympia.

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