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Jul 17, 2009
My understanding that a married Priesthood continued on in Ireland into even the 17 th century and in many other parts of Europe until the council of Trent. I would have thought that it would have obvious benefits for someone coming from a conservative or traditionalist perspective...So well do you all seem to be opposed to it?

Green eyed monster

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Feb 13, 2008
Traditional religious people tend to favor traditions (like a celibate priesthood) :).

You can only inflict so much change to an organisation like the Church which draws much of it's authority and prestige from history and tradition - without damaging people's faith in that authority - i suppose is the argument.

An adoption of marriage would have to be accompanied by massive changes (the biggest questions revolve around the financial rights of the priests wife, one way of getting around that might be to let only women priests and male priests marry each other (now i for one think that would be rather beautiful) so that the wife can still minister (and have access to the priveleges afforded her by the Church when her husband was alive) if her husband dies.

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