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Nov 10, 2009
Croke Park deal to save TDs and senators from pay cuts - News, The Budget - Independent.ie

TDs are currently paid between €92,672 and €98,424 depending on their length of service, while senators are paid between €65,621 and €69,647.
Leaving aside the issue of TDs and Senators not taking pay cuts due to the Croke Park Agreement, why is politicians pay increased based on the their length of service?

Should turnover of politicians not be encouraged, so perhaps pay should be lowered over time rather than increased (the same should probably apply to teachers after they pass their best eg 20 years in my experience)?

I have no difficulty with politcians getting more money for more work/resonsibility eg chairing commitees, but why pay for length of service, turning up money (even when they don't turn up) and tax free allowances that is really additional income?

The only organisiations that I know of that use length of service as a criteria for pay increase are the civil service and banks - neither a model of efficiency.


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Nov 27, 2009
Why does TDs' pay increase with length of service?

Simple answer: Because "Goodtime Charlie" McCreevy drew up the rules.

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