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why do we vote so badly ?


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Sep 17, 2011
this site is starting to crop up on the radar and it's got some interesting content, it tries to increase a persons ability to vote in their interests. it's targetted at the us voter, but the content is pretty applicable to Ireland and probably many other places. e.g.
How to Vote Well | LearnLiberty

What's interesting is the approach is quite different than that often seen on this site in responses to questions such as why do we vote badly, why is the country a mess etc. for instance personal responsiblity to be informed and vote sensibly is something everyone can achieve. that's a way to have a better democratic process. I'd really love to see this kind of site helping the Irish voter do a better job of achieving a better Ireland. (Anyway willing to fund this!)

So here's the challenge; what are the achievable steps we can take to improve democracy. There's plenty of unrealistic supposed silver bullets. For example, disolution of major institution is not an easy reform to take because even if there are problems with that institution, there can be unforseen negative consequences and generally it's a difficult argument.

What suggestions do people have for easy steps that make improvements to how the country, counties and towns are run (and by implication, how to improve the quality of our elected officials)


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Oct 27, 2009
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