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Victor Meldrew

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Jun 8, 2007
From The New Yorker,

What I take from this is how political parties have failed to affect change in government. We all have weak links to each other here, no real camaraderie and as it is at best a network rather than a hierarchy, we have no effective leadership. This is why nothing has really started here and why getting renewals from the FG branch is such a nightmare...

Of course most of us are just ranting at the govt or getting a spin on the BS we are fed by the Meeja....


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Jul 8, 2010
So someone in the print media thinks that the internet media isn't all that great, okay, great, it's nice that he has an opinion (biased as it is) but so does everyone else, that's the point I think he missed.

The point is a new ability to collectively voice our desires instantaneously, not kill ourselves moving people in the new yorker to give a rats. One opinion no longer matters any more than it should, in that it only matters as far as people agree with it. Doesn't bode well for people who earn a living from their ability to state their opinions well, which he can.

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