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Jun 13, 2007
Here is Sotomayor's confirmation hearing. Now, I appreciate it's televised and nerves may play a part, but;

1. Could you imagine any Irish Senior Counsel/High Court Judge entertaining such, frankly, moronic questioning.
2. Could you imagine the terror of an average Oireachtas member having to appear quasi-intelligent whilst questioning someone who, on average, is far better educated and eloquent than they themselves* (not that Sotomayor is anyway eloquent, by the way)
3. Could you imagine the Irish electorates reaction to seeing and hearing a legislator who appears, quite frankly, totally uninterested save as to the question as to whether the Constitution mentions, expressly, abortion or not, (think Senators Walsh, Hanafin etc).
4. Could you imagine the electorates reaction to seeing an Irish Senior Counsel or High Court Judge dodging questions so as not to "have an opinion" on anything "political", even though they will, of course, be asked in the course of their career on the bench to answer, in a very determinative way, many such issues.

Frankly it's rather stomach churning to see the composition of the Supreme Court determined in such a manner.

*The vast majority of our elected representatives doing no better than being school teachers, if even that, not that school teachers are a moronic lot, generally, but you see my point.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbv6LvbiCKs&feature=channel"]YouTube - Senator Graham Questions Judge Sotomayor Part 2 July 14, 2009[/ame]

Aug 6, 2007
I agree but its interesting that US Supreme court now has 6 Catholics and 3 Jewish members and no Protestants................WASP society is dead and buried.

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