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Feb 12, 2009
Scanning through the latest WikiLeaks revelations, the following caught my eye:

6. Corrupt Afghan V.P. Caught With $52 Million in Cash

This must have weighed down his luggage: Officials working with the Drug Enforcement Agency in the United Arab Emirates last year discovered that Afghanistan's visiting vice president, Ahmed Zia Massoud, had $52 million on him--in cash. Calling the bonanza a "significant amount," the U.S. Embassy let him keep it "without revealing the money's origin or destination." Massoud denies funneling any cash out of Afghanistan.
If all the cash was in $100 bills (the largest US denomination), then $52 million would weigh approx 520Kg - that more than half a ton!

So, either somebody has fabricated this story or Massoud is a contender for the Strongest Man in the World!

Alternatively, with a name like WikiLeaks, is somebody pulling the piss?

The 9 Most Shocking WikiLeaks Secrets

How much does a million dollars in $100 dollar bills weigh?


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Jun 23, 2009
Remember that much of this batch of wikileaks is basically diplomatic tittle-tattle, not all of it conducted at a high level. It's a bit like hacking into someone's email account and publishing everything you find. Much of it is no doubt true, but some of it is likely to be distorted 'Chinese whispers' office gossip stuff - albeit about the proclivities of world leaders rather than Mary in the Accounts dept.

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