wikileaks first batch guardian

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Nov 29, 2009


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Feb 23, 2009
link here to list from guardian

Google Fusion Tables

very hard to sort though, must be so many people looking at it

for us
source=Embassy Dublin (*more likely)

Address=42 Elgin Road Ballsbridge Dublin 4(*less likely anything important sent to dublin)

apparantly 910 cables sent from dublin

MaryFitzgerldIT Mary Fitzgerald
Seems #Wikileaks release includes 910 diplomatic cables sent from US embassy in Dublin. Most recent February 2010


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May 3, 2010
The most noteworthy "leak" is American spying on Ban Ki-Moon, and perhaps Arab pressure to bomb Iran. Otherwise it was widespread knowledge that the Americans take a dim view of the British military's performance in Afghanistan (and Iraq), are scared witless over Pakistani nukes and believe that the Russian government and crime are inextricably linked.

As for British Royal family, is there a member of that mob that hasn't misbehaved over the past few years?

According to Le Monde 90 per cent dispatches cover the period 2004-2010 but some go back as far as 1966, while none are labelled as "Top Secret":

Environ 90% des télégrammes diplomatiques couvrent une période allant de 2004 à mars 2010 (les autres remontent jusqu'en 1966). Le gouvernement américain a défini trois principaux niveaux de classification pour ses documents officiels : " Top Secret ", " Secret " et " Confidentiel ". Les 251 287 télégrammes étudiés par Le Monde sont classifiés " Secret " (16 652 mémos) et " Confidentiel " (101 748 mémos), ou sont " non classifiés ". Il manque donc les télégrammes " Top Secret " du département d'Etat. Il n'y a par ailleurs dans ce dossier aucun document militaire ni des services de renseignements.
Wikileaks : Dans les coulisses de la diplomatie américaine -

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