Will EP block new Commission?


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Dec 14, 2011
The confirmation of the Commission nominees is running into trouble. Will they make it?

The original Hungarian nominee was replaced following questions about his finances, and the Polish nominee has been rejected by the committee. The French nominee for Single Market commissioner, Sylvie Goulard is under similar scrutiny. She says her alleged misuse of public funds as an MEP was an "HR Management issue" and calls herself "clean". Also scrutiny of her part in a US think tank that was paying her €10,000 a month while an MEP. She got a rough ride from committee MEPs. As if that wasn't enough there are claims she used EU staff for domestic duties, which forced her resignation as French defence minister in 2017. She has paid back €45000 she owed the European Parliament. It brings attention again to the problem of the EPs unvouched expenses system.

The Estonian EU commissioner-designate for the energy portfolio, Kadri Simson, was criticised by a member of the Socialist group for "avoiding questions". MEPs seemed not fully convinced by her answers on the energy transition, describing them as vague.

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