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Aug 24, 2009
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I was watching Michael Moore's documentary on Capitalism (wasn't paying an awful lot of attention, so will have to rewatch it) but one part did take my interest-the worker run bread factory. I cant find a link to the clip, but the link for the factory and how they operate their system is here.

Alvarado Street Bakery - Coop Information

In short, the concept is that a company is run democratically by its workers who instead of a wage each get a percentage of the profits the business makes. Each worker gets one vote and an equal say in the running of the company. The CEO's vote holds the same weight as the cleaners. Wages are balanced by hours worked, and the guys on the production line earn $65,000 a year.

Wiki also has an article on it-

Worker cooperative - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Does anyone know of any companies such as this in Ireland? On the surface it seems like a far more effective means of workers controlling their fate than trade unionism...

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