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Jan 21, 2015
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Anyone thats seen anything about the WW2 Solomon Islands campaign will know how awful the battle environment was, essentially the worst of jungle and rain forest terrain. The video below details a question i'd been wondering about , was the campaign necessary? watch 3min-6min mark lays it out. Essentially the Army wanted to start at the Solomons and go via the Philippines to cut Japan off from Asia. The Navy wanted to create a ring starting at Hawaii, take the Marshalls, the Marianas then Iwo Jima and finally Okinawa and Taiwan. Apparently no decision was made and both were told to carry out their plans.
On the face of it the Navy plan seemed superior, less island hopping and a quicker end goal of creating a ring of steel around Japan were shipping could be attacked and Japan targeted form the air. At the end of the day the pacific war was settled by a number of large naval and air engagements and a noose put around Japan by destroying their merchant fleet
Did Macarthur make it too personal by promising to take back the Philippines ? as a sting in the tail, Manila was destroyed and over 100k civilians killed


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