YFG wins as FG to focus on jobs


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Jun 13, 2007
Fantastic news today for those hundreds of thousands of unemployed betrayed by this failed Fianna Fáil Government. As the Dáil returns, Fine Gael will move this week to put jobs at the top of the political and media agenda.

This is a direct result of YFG lobbying. Just this week, YFG, using it's campus campaign and by speaking out to it's 784 friends on facebook, placed the focus firmly on job creation.

Young Fine Gael has always been committed to creating jobs. Indeed, we, as the heirs to Michael Collins himself have always been willing to lay down our young lives in defence of the dream of full employment.

Politics can change this country. A change of Government, and new leadership under the inspirational vision provided by Enda Kenny and Phil Hogan and Simon Coveney and many other great leaders, will restore our country to the rudest of economic health.

There are those out there who despair. To them, I say "HELP IS ON THE WAY". A new dawn is breaking. YFG, with our army of young patriots, is fighting the battle for new leadership on the campuses of the country, and on the internet messageboards of this new era, and in the text polls of our nation's radio shows.

Following the example of Barry Walsh, we are writing the letters to newspapers that need to be written. We are doing the photocalls that need to be done. We are talking to our families and our friends incessantly about the need for change - nay, the need for Enda.

So in these darkest of times, I say onto you "have hope". Thanks to the efforts of a small band of patriots, our country is changing, one branch motion at a time. Our movement is getting bigger, one vodka night at a time. Our freedoms are being protected, one letter to the Times at a time.

We are showing what can be achieved. Will you sink into the mire of depression, or will you get up, join up, and sign up to the vision of a country led by Enda Kenny?
Sign me up Spotty.

Up with Jobs.

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